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Poodle Puppy Happy Tales


Dear Karen, Rennie and Sandy,  


Thank you all so much for breeding, and helping me find, such a fine and wonderful little pup named Kiwi!!!  I truly feel it was a team effort...wegave the pup as their wedding gift, Michael and Melissachose the breed and color they wanted, I called Karen, Karen found Rennie, Rennie developed and maintains fine breeding lines of red poodles and Sandyowns and bred the 2 dogs who produced such a fabulous pup!  


We all love Kiwi and think she is a very sound and beautiful little poodle, but Michael and Melissa are head over heels in love and have already given her a superb home.  That is why I saywe all hit the jackpot.  This little girl will be cherished for her entire life!


          Poodle puppy        Poodle puppy Kiwi



Poodle Hunting DogsHi Sandy,

"You have no idea how much Beam means to us. He has done everything I have ever asked of him and has never once failed to pick up something new in training. I can't tell you how many times we have had birds go down in extremely dense brush and had to go get Beam to fetch them or root them out because the other dogs either couldn't find them or wouldn't go in the briers and thick stuff. Its hilarious because he's so little all you can see is the brush moving and hear Beam hot after the bird. I have to put a little bell on him to keep up! He has also won a couple of local National Upland Classic Series (NUCS) events. I'm actually running him in one this weekend. If you want a good chuckle just picture 15lb Beam competing (and winning!) in those events with Labs, Chessies, Pointers, Setters and Boykins. Beam loves the water, but we live in central VA (north of Charlottesville) so we get many more upland bird opportunities than duck."  

"If you would like to see some more pics of him in the field, a prof photographer captured a tower hunt we worked 2 weekends ago and she couldn't get enough of Beam and Walker"!i=2402377790&k=5V5L63x  



Poodles in Canada!

Here are some nice photos taken by by one of our happy puppy buyers, Sandy, in Manitoba Canada. Glow and Busy Bee had a long trip from New Mexico. Sandy wanted us to see how they are doing. She grooms them herself Beautiful kids!!!

Poodle puppy in Canada

Poodle Puppy in Canada



Sweetwater Poodle puppy

 "Good morning Sandy!",

"Peaches is such a lava of love. She cuddles up to me at night and when I awaken, she lavishes me with kisses as if I were ice cream! We slept on Duaine's side of the bed last night and I think will continue to do that. She's so tiny so I make sure of where she is next to my pillow so there is no chance of rolling over on her although I'm sure she would yelp.Yesterday a friend came to meet Peaches and bring her a squeaky toy and it was the first time I heard her bark! And now that she has fully adapted to her home here, you're right, she can run like the wind! It feels like this was so magically orchestrated and truly meant to be. This morning when we got up, even before I could let her outdoors, she went on the Piddle Pad so I think potty training is definitely moving in the right direction. The Sherpa carrier turned out to be really excellent idea and yesterday she got in it when I was showing it to Germaine and loved to put her toy she gave her in there. It will also be good to have in the car. Since she is following me everywhere, I am very aware of where she is all the time, which I'm sure is a good thing in the house breaking process. She is even BETTER than you could ever have described her as a match for me. The whole family adores her and as everyone comments, she is so calm for a puppy this young."



  Peaches  peaches  Peaches




Sweetwater Scarlett Bichon Puppy 





"Hope all is well with everyone. Gosh, can’t believe our "little rascal" turned one September 3rd. She went to her first car shows last weekend. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. Arthur received 3rd place in his division Sunday. He was pleased. SURPRISEā€¦Scarlett sat on my lap both days and was as good as gold. She actually loved all the attention. Take care and have a wonderful day and a pleasant week."










  Sweetwater Poodle Puppy Tuck


Hi Sandy,

"I just wanted to let you know that we are having a great time with Tuck."




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Did you know poodles are hunting dogs?

Bird Hunting Poodle

Read about Champion Upland Bird hunter, Beam, here.


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