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Bichon Frise Happy Tales

We love hearing from our new Bichon Frise families. Some of our Bichon puppies have traveled far from our home in New Mexico and it's great to receive photos and hear about them as they grow up. Thanks to all who have sent photos of your new best firends and for all of the nice comments about our Sweetwater Bichon Frise puppies in New Mexico.

                           Sweetwater bichon puppy Rizo


"I have been meaning to send you both some pictures of our wonderful little Rizo! Sandy, he's absolutely precious, funny, wild and sweet. We get such laughs with him around and he has taken to all of us, including the cat (especially) and our two horses. He guards and watches out for my daughter and can't wait to go to sleep with her every night (yes, I broke the no sleeping on the bed rule). We've taken him on trips and went to the Oregon coast for a week this summer and he was such a good traveler and quite the beach digger."

"Thank you for a great dog. Hope you both are doing well and pass along pictures of any litters, now that I am totally hooked on Bichons!"

Take Care,






Sweetwater Bichon frise puppy Charlie

Hi Sandy,

"I just wanted to send you a photo of Charlie and let you know how he's doing. He just had his check-up last week and he's fine. He got a lot bigger than we expected. He weighed in at 20 pounds at the vet's office. The vet said he could probably stand to lose a pound, but otherwise he's in great health."

"He's friendly, playful, and very loving. He's pretty easy to train. He's our little watch dog. He stations himself in key positions around the house throughout the day and lets us know if he sees anyone. In this photo, he's at one of his "guard posts". He likes this spot because he has a view of the deck, the whole kitchen, and he can see into the dining room."

Take care,



Sweetwater Bichon Frise Puppy Olive 

Hi Sandy,

"Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how Ms. Olive, our newest Bichon Frise puppy is doing. She IS a pistol. I think she is the most headstrong bichon I have ever had. But Im pretty headstrong myself and i am happy to announce all the time I have spent outside is paying off. She is in her little teenage rebellious stage. I think I am training Olive and Jim at the same time. He is learning how to not let her get her way."

"We just took a short trip up to Dallas in the Couch and its the first since we got back from picking up Olive. She was great as she was on the first trip back from AZ. She loves to go. I have sent you a picture recently taken of Olive after her very first time to be groomed. She had been for a bath but this was her first actual grooming. She is so figity. Always moving and always kissing"


"Rylie, our other Bichon Frise, is very protective of her. ALWAYS watching to make sure she is safe. Shiner the cat still LOVES HER. We have NEVER seen him sooooo tolerant of any past puppies and he is 15 yrs old. Olive is just so excited to see him each and every time. She just licks and jumps on him and he just lets her and even occasionally gives his own share of kisses. Rylie is never too far just in case she is needed."

"Oh well hope all is well with you. We plan on going to the coast sometime this summer and I have to tell you Olive LOVES the water. I cant keep her out of it. We even got her a little baby size pool. She is hysterical to watch. Loves ice cubes also."

Talk to ya soon



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